Premonition: Supplemental Viewing


Linda Hanson has a beautiful house, two daughters and a loving husband. Her life seems amazing until the day she receives terrible news that her husband, Jim, has died in a car accident while on a business trip. Linda experiences a psychic phenomenon, however unlike other similar movies such as Final Destination, after Linda’s vision her life keeps flipping from days before Jim’s death to days after Jim’s death until those days meet in the middle and in reality is the day of his death.  Premonition has a very complicated and intriguing story structure that is very hard to completely explain.

Linda’ s life begins to fast forward in time to days where jim is dead, and then back in time where is alive. People know her that she has never met and events have already occurred that she has not yet experienced. Suddenly as her life keeps re-winding and fast forwarding those events begin to play out exactly as they have already occurred. She does not know what is going on and begins to struggle for answers and the truth. Her family and friends begin to think she is going crazy and thinks she needs to seek help so they enroll her into a hospital. However, Linda is determined to find what is reality and destiny, and will stop at nothing in attempt to save her husband’s life.

Below is a link for the movie trailer for Premonition. It is really helpful to watch if you have not seen the movie. If not it will be very difficult to understand.


      Linda is the only one conscious of this phenomenon. She begins to map out each day that leads up to Jim’s death. She records the occurring events on the days where Jim is “alive” and the occurring events when Jim is “dead”. Jim dies on a Wednesday although at the time the audience is unaware of this. On thursday, when the story begins and when Linda experiences her phenomenon, Linda finds out about Jim’s death. However, on that same day she receives a voicemail that Jim had recorded the previous day but somehow just now getting to Linda. In the message he stated that he meant what he said to her and said her had to be honest with her, then is interrupted by another caller, and states “is that you” and voicemail ended. She was very confused but thinks nothing of it at the time. When Linda goes to sleep that night Jim had pasted away. The next day when she wakes up it is Sunday and Jim is alive; although it is earlier in the week Linda has not experienced these days yet, Linda is very confused and believes it was all a dream and continues with her day.


The next day when she awakes time has jumped forward again and it is Friday, two days after Jim’s death. This is when Linda knows something is not right. She begins to look for answers. It is the day of his funeral and Linda believes that it is a mix up and it’s not really Jim that died. She runs over to the casket and demands they open it, while doing so the men drop it and Jim’s head falls out of the casket. Linda throws a fit crying her eyes out knowing now that it is clearly Jim. At the funeral Linda sees a women whom she had never met before and goes to speak to her, however the woman tells Linda they had talked previously and that she was sorry and then drove away quickly; Linda was very confused.


The next day, now Tuesday and the day before Jim’s death, Linda goes to Jim’s work beg that he doesn’t go on his business trip while there Linda meets Jim’s new coworker; it was the woman from the funeral. She knew something was going on between Jim and her.


The next day, Friday, Linda goes to the woman’s house to speak with her and ask questions; Jim was going to cheat on Linda with her but cancelled because couldn’t do it to his family. Knowing that Jim was going to die Linda made every moment with Jim worth something. In the end this is why Jim did not cheat. Her days keep switching back and forth until it was Wednesday, the day of Jim’s death. Linda believes she has it all figured out and is going to save him. However, in the end she missed the final piece of the puzzle and fails at saving Jim. It was really her who was on the other line during the voicemail. Linda told him to turn around thinking that was the key to save him, however in the process of that Jim was hit by a truck and died.

You could compare Premonition to the film Primer, however, in Primer the characters use a time machine to go back and forth to change time. In Premonition Linda can not control her time travel, she simply wakes up to different times and tries to change a future vision that she has already seen. In Premonition as a whole does not focus on the events themselves but Linda’s mental and emotion state as she struggles to find the truth and how she reacts to what is happening to her.

Although Premonition has a very confusing story line I really enjoyed it because it keeps your attention and keeps you guessing what will happen next. In class we have discussed a lot about time traveling and changing the future, such as in Primer. I  believe Premonition suggests that things happen to us in our life that we cannot control. We can only control our reactions to the events, and sometimes our reactions determine the direction of our lives. Although Linda is trying to save her husband, above all else her phenomenon helps her to understand the truth that changes the direction of her life(emotionally). I believe you can not change your future completely, destiny will take over and everything that is meant to happen will find a way.


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