Supplemental Viewing: The Time Machine

I was browsing through the $5 DVDs in walmart while waiting on my mom to finish up getting groceries and I came across this movie and thought it would be ok to watch and write my viewing on. This movie is similar to The Time Machine by H.G. Wells but to my surprise was very different.

The movie begins with a man named Alexander Hartdegen and he is an associate professor for applied mechanics and engineering at Columbia University running late to go on a date with his soon to be fiance “Emma.” Alex meets Emma at a park where he proposes to her and immediately after a man hiding in the woods comes out to congratulate them and them proceeds to rob them. Emma is reluctant to give up her ring to the robber. The struggle between the three of them result in Emma being shot and dying. After, Alex begins to build his time machine in hopes of going back in time and changing Emma’s future.

It takes four years of day and night working and finally it is finished. He travels back to the day of her death and changes where they met in hopes of changing the future but she dies again in a different tragedy so then he decides to travel to the future.

He travels to 2030 to see that the world he once knew is now a futuristic place and travels 7 years later and there is a collision. The moon crashed onto Earth and he escaped onto his time machine only to have been knocked out by flying rubble. When he finally comes to he is now in July 16th of 802701, which in my opinion looks prehistoric minus the dinosaurs.

The village that he comes to and lives in has no recollection of the past and does not speak the same language in fact they call his language the stone language and only one woman in the whole village knows his language and can understand him. He comes to learn that the village is being attacked at night by quepacks, which are human/ape mixed looking things. When Mora is taken by the morlocks Alex decides to rescue her.

His journey takes him underground, where he finds the bones of thousands of human bodies that the quepacks have taken. He is captured and taken to the leader of the quepacks who knows Alex from the past. The Morlock ,leader, then proceeds to explain how they have become the “hunters” and the humans become the “hunted”. It was said that some of the humans escaped the demise of the planet in 2037 by going into hiding underground. Which he said was the cause of the mutations of the “hunters” and the humans where the only living thing left on Earth to eat, making then the “hunted.”

The end of the movie was very sudden Alex blew up his time machine just in time for Mora and himself to escape. The quepacks were blown up and Alex stayed in 802701 with Mora.

The time travel aspect of this movie was interesting. Alex traveled into the past to change it and when he realized the outcome was still going to be the same he gave up and tried to move on. He did move on to a time that was way before his time. In the end he seemed to find contentment and happiness. He had let go of the past and pursued his future.