Suplemental Viewing : Time Bandit’s

Time bandits is an awesome little movie where a young child from the future named Kevin has time travelling dwarves that come through a hole in time and end up in his bedroom.  Kevin is soon driven by curiosity and fear into the dwarves time traveling little world. He travels with them and meets many people such as Napoleon, Robin Hood, a king, and even end up on the Titanic. The dwarves call themselves bandits and try to steal from everyone they meet, but it does not all ways work out for them. They successfully steal from Napoleon, but then they lose it with Robin Hood. They also are trying to avoid The Supreme Being who created their time traveling map. While we could talk about the ethics of stealing and time travelling, the movie does not really address the very well. It briefly touches on the fact that the dwarves can do so much more with their traveling map than just stealing. I’d rather talk about how this movie relates to some of our books.

It relates to Kindred in a slight way. While Kevin does travel through time willing most of the time, he does have instances like with the King that he does not wish to travel. However the dwarves force him to go without really any choice on his part. Kevin is swept along with the dwarves from the beginning when they first enter his room. Just like how Kevin from Kindred was dragged along into the past with Dana. Also just like Time Bandits, Kevin is left in the past. Both Kevin’s were abandoned by their time travelling sources. He did not know that by following the dwarves he would be time traveling with no real way to get back.

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Jewish Culture

Seeing how we are all having issues understanding the Jewish culture. I thought that I would do a little research into it. I tried to relate the Jewish culture into what we are reading while also keeping it on a broader perspective. Here is what I found.

The Jewish culture originated with the Israelite people and then was spread across the world through many years and became popular through the challenges that it faced. It was spread throughout the world but the Jewish culture had its own Holy Land. It is the land which everything that they are originated from. They consider the holy land the promised land that God gave them. However, they are not the only one who claims the holy land.

Another thing that was in the book a little bit was them talking about destroying the Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock is a Shrine near the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Kindred Spirits

While reading Kindred, I began thinking about Time Travel through Dana circumstance. I think that it was a very brave choice of Butler’s to take time travel in a different way. Out of all the other books that we have read, Kindred is the first one that the time traveling character that has no control over her time travel. While Slaughterhouse five is close the same Kindred is the first one where the character is actually freaked out by her time traveling. It makes her physical sick. I think that this was an interesting way to go. I also found it interesting that most of the time travels in books stay along the blood lines of the particular person who is traveling. Dana meets her great great great grandfather I believe as a child. Another example of time traveling along bloodlines is the book Sent.

This book has the children find out that their great ancestors were kings and dukes.  While time traveling for Dana and the children is of Sent is not so much fun, many authors make it to be so. So I praise Butler for changing things up a bit.

Another story that I found to hold close resemblance to Kindred was The Time Traveler’s Wife.

He also has no control over his time travel. I just thought that these things held a little bit of resemblance to Kindred and wanted to share. Please add any comments. Thanks.

A Giraffe’s Secrets

Okay so today in class I brought up a point in chapter 5 where he is on a morphine trip and is talking about Giraffe’s. I also found it very interesting about the pear and how it was bitter. I started to think about the symbolism in this book and what little things like that could mean. Someone else brought up the point of the main character being like God. This brought back the idea of the Giraffes to me. It says there was a tree where they were all eating happily and then he eats the pear and he says it is bitter. This made me think of Adam and Eve in the garden where they partake of the apple and are punished. However, getting away from religion and back to the giraffes. I also thought it was possible that the pear could have been a symbol going to his mother and how he dislikes her and how she is bitter to him. The two girl Giraffes could have also been his wife, even though we do not see much of her it does say that his time with her would be easy, and the other could have been a symbol for Wildhack. I couldn’t really find a meaning to the velvet reference, so it would be nice if some people could respond to this post and start a discussion. I would really like to develop this point and start looking for more points like this in the story where we see this happening. Thanks.

Traveling Time

The idea of time travel has interested many people for thousands of years. I mean who would not be interested in fixing their mistakes. However, the consequences and problems that would arise from time travel would be innumerable. But it seems despite the dangers and issues with time travel, people still carry an interest in it. For example we see time travel in movies, television shows, and books. I personally want to look at one from each section and analyze it in comparison to The Time Traveler.

First, lets look at a recent movie with time traveling. The movie I had in mind was Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell. This movie relates to our book by showing a person of knowledge (or in Will Ferrell’s case a little crazy) trying to discover time warps.

He goes into a world where he is shocked by how it looks. He is disoriented and does not know where he is. His friends who also end up coming along for the ride are also disoriented. Like the Time Traveler, he adventures out into this world because a human’s curiosity for the unknown. Now Land of the Lost character’s also meet a strange race.

Now this species is not as friendly as the ones from The Time Traveler. Land of the Lost is different than The Time Traveler because it has a controlled area of travel. While The Time Traveler just goes. You could say that Land of the Lost is not time travel, but the idea of time travel can be from many different views and ideas.

Secondly, the television show is The Wizards of Waverly Place. I know, I know its Disney, but the point is that in this episode they are time traveling. It comes from the hour long feature called Rock around the Clock. This show shows the wizards time traveling in order to save their sub shop. Where upon they invent the high-five a hundred years too early and with the wrong name.

Go to the 1 minute point.

Now I know your thinking the time traveler went into the future, but how can we be sure. Yes, he does say this lever goes to the future and this one to the past. But time travel is uncontrollable and unpredictable so how are we to say that on the first test a machine it does exact what it should. We never saw what happened to the small machine. He just claims it went into the future. And yes he does see something in the future that he thinks looks like something he knows. This does make it seem like he is in the future, but he could just be referencing what he knows to understand something else. So going to the past connects to The Time Traveler because we have no way of knowing if he went to the future or the past.

The last point is not really about time travel but about the communism mentioned in the book. when he meets the Eloi and sees how they are living it made me think of The Giver.

In The Giver people are controlled in everything that they do and they have adapted to that way of life. They do as they are raised and told to do. It made me think of the The Giver because of the communism he briefly mentions when he sees the Eloi.