Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is the second film in the Austin Powers series. The movie was released in 1999. Mike Myers wrote the movie and also was the main character, Austin Powers. Not only does Myers play Austin Powers, but he also plays Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard. The movie plays off the movie James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me.

In this movie, NATO has recognized that Dr. Evil has returned after surviving his incineration. However, Dr. Evil has not returned alone. He has cloned a miniature Dr. Evil, which is one-eighth his size, named Mini-Me. Dr. Evil reveals that he has a “time machine” to go back to the 1960’s to steal Austin Powers mojo, which is the source of his sexual appeal. Meanwhile in 1999, Austin Powers is on his honeymoon. He does not know that his “wife” is actually one of Dr. Evil’s robots and he destroys her.

Dr. Evil and Mini-Me go back to 1969 to steal some mojo. They come into contact with Fat Bastard, whom was hired to extract mojo from a frozen Austin Powers. Austin is made aware by British intelligence that Dr. Evil is after his mojo. The British Intelligence also have a time machine, where they transport Austin into the year 1969. Austin and his partner trace Dr. Evil to an island in the Caribbean where they are arrested upon arrival. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me then leave for the moon to install a laser to overtake the world. Austin and his partner then catch a ride upon Apollo 11.

In the end, out in the middle of space, Austin and Dr. Evil finally catch up with each other. Austin tries to retrieve his mojo from Dr. Evil, however, they bump into each other and the mojo is dropped on the floor.

It might be weird, but this movie reminded me of Kindred. It reminded me of the fact that the time travel went back in history and stayed current with the time. In Kindred, when Dana would travel back in time she was surrounded my slaves and treated like one. In Austin Powers, Austin travels back to 1969 where it is very clear that he was in the 1960’s. When Austin traveled back to 1969, he had a VW bug that was painted with the vibrant colors and he had the ultimate bachelor pad that had the bright colors and girls in go-go boots.

I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. Not only because it is a Mike Myers movie and he is hilarious, but also because of the depiction of time travel.  Nothing about this movie is very serious, and that makes it so fun to watch. It’s also funny at the end watching the Jerry Springer parts with Dr. Evil and his son.




I thought this was a pretty funny clip from The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and his friends buy a time machine from a e-bay type site. This is what happens when Sheldon has nightmare about the time machine.