Supplementary Viewing

A movie that I recently watched that relates to time travel is ‘Click’. Starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale, Click is directed by Frank Coraci and came out in 2006. The film is about a man named Michael who receives a universal remote which gives him the power to pause, fast forward or rewind his life. The problem with Michael though, was that he always put work ahead of his family. He just wants to give his family the life he never had. But what he does not realize is that all his family wants is him to be there. They don’t need the materialistic objects that he thinks they need, like a brand new bike. An example of a time Michael chose work over family is when his son had a swimming carnival that he promised he would attend. He broke that promise, and chose instead to work. Even when he did finally show up he was on his cell phone the whole time, not really spending time with his family. His family would show their frustration but Michael did not seem to notice.


This is a different sort of time travelling to what we have been covering during the year. It is unlike Kindred or the time machine or any of the other books, because he is time travelling through his life. It is not like he is actually travelling through time, because he does not go to a time like the 1950s or 3000s where it is not possible for him to be living. In Kindred, Dana is travelling to the 19th century.  So as Michael fast forwards his life, he in turn ages and grows old. He can only travel through his lifetime. And due to the way he neglected his family and the way he lived his life, major things change as he travels.

The movie starts getting fascinating when the universal remote starts deciding for its self when to time travel. The fast forward button triggers itself by what Michael fast forwarded before. So for example, that one time when he fast forwarded having a cold shower (because it is unpleasant), the remote control thought it learnt that Michael does not like showers. So from that point on, the fast forward button is triggered every time Michael thinks about having a shower. This was not a good thing for Michael because he did not know that if you skip an event or action once (like taking a shower) it would skip it every single time for the rest of his life. And what makes it worse for him is prior to knowing about this, he had been fast forwarding all the family activities just so he could work, because Michael put work ahead of family. An example is when he fast forwarded the family dinner so he could work; the remote automatically assumed that he took work ahead of family.

As the movie goes on Michael starts skipping longer periods of time. One thing leads to another and as soon as you know it, he is skipping years of his life and slowly but surely his family starts drifting away from him. The remote learned from his previous actions. The remote would skip sickness for him, and whenever a promotion is mentioned, the remote would fast forward to the day he actually got promoted, because that’s what he wanted.

As soon as you know it Michael is in the year 2031 and he is divorced and his father has died. His wife has moved on and has remarried. What makes it even worse is that his own kids call his wife’s new husband dad. Due to the fact that Michael was never there for his family and work ran his life, he lost the people he loves the most. And his family has even found a replacement for him. It is weird for Michael because all his dreams came true (he is a CEO of a major company and is getting paid well) yet he is not happy like he thought he would be, because he has lost his family. It is ironic because he was working so hard to try and make them happy, yet it went the complete opposite way.


Michael started off having the power to time travel; kind of like in the book ‘The Time Machine’ (The time traveler decided when to travel). But as the film continues, his power is taken away from him, and the remote started deciding when he would travel. The remote would trigger the fast forward button whenever a certain event occurred. So his travelling habits change throughout the film. Toward the end Michaels time travelling changes like kindred. It is uncontrolled, unpredictable and is triggered only by certain events. In Kindred, Dana only travels back in time whenever Rufus is in trouble or in danger of losing his life. And whenever Dana is in a life threatening situation, she travels in time to the present. Neither of the protagonists in both film and novel have control over when they time travel.

The movie was an eye opener for anyone who watched it. It really does show us what people take for granted and what we should be appreciating. Family is something that we can easily turn our backs on and we think that they will always be there. But it is not the case at all, and I feel like we forget to appreciate the things that are right in front of our eyes. All it took was a time travelling device that gave Michael the power to travel through his life to realize what he needs to prioritize.



The movie that …


The movie that we watched on Wednesday, La Jetee, was interesting. I’d never really watched a film/short story in sub titles so it was something new. I did enjoy it, because it was quite suspenseful. You never really knew what was going on. Obviously there were doing experiments with time travel, but it was all in photos, it wasn’t smooth. It was like a flashback, memories. When you think about it that is a more realistic way of looking at time travel. The images are broken and hard to follow, but I doubt if you ever time travelled, that it was going to be smooth. At the end, the time traveler chose to try and find the girl he fell in love with, over going to the future. It was different but I enjoyed La Jetee.

Supplementary viewing 1!!! Timeline

A movie that I watched that involved time travelling was called “The Timeline”. Directed by Richard Donner and starring Paul Walker and Gerard Butler, the movie was an enjoyable watch and I enjoyed it. I think I liked it a lot because they travelled into the medieval times, where kings and knights were still present. The fighting and battles were what made the movie enjoyable, not necessarily the time travelling itself. But the Time travelling was an important factor in the film, so I’ll give a quick summary of the film. There is ITC corp that has mastered time travelling. One of the travelers, travelled back in time, and returned pretty much dead in the middle of the desert. He left a professor behind in the 1300s. He had travelled to France during the famous hundred year war. A group of Archaeologist who are sponsored by ITC corp and are students of the professor are chosen to go back to the 1300s and rescue him. The group time travels back in time by entering a chamber and it seems very painful. This is similar to the “Primer”, where the travelers feel the pain of travelling. While it is also like the “Time Machine” where in order to time travel, they require a machine or object to travel.  H.G Wells “Time Machine” was the first novel to use an object/machine to time travel. In the past, like in Rip Van Wrinkles “Washington Irving”, time travel just happened. Rip slept, and woke up in a different time. But this was not the case with the Timeline.

Going back to the Timeline, whatever happens, the group of students must not change the course of history. So every action taken must be carefully decided. They eventually find the professor but the professor was forced to give a weapon to the English and be involved in the battle for Castlegard in order to save his life. He gave the English a weapon that was advanced for that time, giving the English an advantage and uttering the course of history. In order to make sure history does not change, the group of time travelers along with the professor gets involved in the battle and plays an influential role. They lend a hand to the French by sharing their knowledge. In the end, they are able to help the French win the battle and not change history. There was some drama with the time machine but they are able to get back to present time. However, one of the students falls in love with Lady Claire, a French royalty. He chooses to stay in the 1300s with Lady Claire. At the end of the film, the other students are searching the area of Castlegard, and they find their friends grave, embracing Lady Claire. This film shows that by time travelling back in time, you have to make sure you don’t utter history, but if you do, everything changes from that point on. So the world that we know now could easily change. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the ideas and consequences of time travelling that it presents.


Kindred has been a good read so far. I have enjoyed this book more than the rest of the books that we have read so far this semester. The issues that the book covers are interesting. Racism seems to be a big topic and how it’s changed over a century. In 1976, the year that Dania is from, racism is not a big issue. White men are marrying black women, and white women are marrying black men. Although the parents opted against it, Kevin still married Dana, a black woman. Through random time travelling, Dana travels the early 1800s. She saves a young white boy named Rufus from drowning. And when she is confronted by the boy’s parents, she is greeted with a gun to the face rather than gratitude. Because she was black, she receives a treatment no one should get, especially after saving life. But she was absolutely shocked. Coming from 1976, and going straight to the 1800s must be a rude shock, but being a black woman must be even worse. Butler chose Dana as a black woman for a reason. And it presses some key issues that were present in the 1800s.

It is also interest to see that, like crichie1 pointed out; it is one of the few books that we have read that the narrator cannot control when she travels through time. The primer, A little something of us Tempunauts and the Time Traveller all chose to travel and also tried to pick a certain destination. In Chuck Klosterman’s Eating the dinosaur, Chuck tells us that when it comes to time travelling the person travelling always has a purpose. Whether it be to do something that they wish they did, take back something that they regret or for personal gain, they all have a purpose. But in this case, does Dana have a purpose? Does she really want to be travelling in time? She isn’t choosing to travel through time, it is thrust upon her whether she likes it or not. I thought these few points in the book make for an interesting read.

time machine

Well’s novel “The Time Machine” shows us his own political views on communism and capitalism, along with views on the different classes and social standings that we have in the modern day.
With the subject of communism, he starts the novel off saying that his theory was that communism will over time make humans weaker. Because with communism, everything is handed down and almost spoon feed to everyone. Everything is split equally, and everyone is equal, except of course the higher powers. But for the majority, there is no will power or ambition to hard work because no matter how hard you work, the system will not allow you to move up. So Well’s theory is that humans will grow weak, lazy and dumber because they are not technically thinking for themselves, and they are not working hard. If you are not working hard then obviously you become weaker and lazier. This is shown in Well’s characters, the Elois. They are weak, fragile and not intelligent, according to the narrator. The narrator believes that this is the result of humans that live under communism.

Then as the novel goes on, and as the narrator is exposed to the morlocks, and he changes his theory. Wells then gives us his opinion on capitalism. In the novel, Elois represents the higher class and the morlocks are the working class. The narrator tells us that in the past, the Elois use to be the higher power and the morlocks use to be the working class, like the labors. But as time went on, the working force/labours rebelled and over took the higher powers and now in the novel, it is the Elois that fear the Morlocks. Well’s theory on capitalism is that the working class is the stronger of the classes. Yes, the higher powers have control and tell them what to do, but it is the working class that do all the work, go through the pain. That is what makes humans stronger, according to Wells. That is why in the future, the Morlocks put fear and terror into the Elois. The Elois are weak and defenceless because they use to be the higher power.

I think Wells is also trying to convey the classes of the modern society. In the 21st century, there is a divide between the working class and the high class, the poor and the rich. And it seems like the gap is increasing.As that happens, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. So the poor start rebelling and starting riots and start chaos. And since the poor have been through all the hardship, they are mentally and physically stronger then the rich, who just sit on their high horse and have everything done for them. Plus the poor have nothing to lose so the overtaking begins. That is how the Morlocks and the Elois are in the future.

Modern day time travelling

Hi, I’m Ryuhei…. I was just reading blogs from others that are in the class and one interesting idea was raised in a blog from Katie. I would also like to follow up on the point that she raises about time travelling that goes on in the world that we live in now.

When you think or talk about travelling through time, you immediately think of science fiction or fairytales. But doesn’t time travelling happen on a daily basis? When you travel through time zones, you are always losing or gaining time. This happens to me all the time. I’m from Sydney, Australia and every time I go home, I lose a whole day. So if I was to leave Los Angeles airport on the morning of Saturday the 28th, I would arrive in Sydney on the morning of the 30th, which is a Monday. I should have been travelling all Saturday and arriving on Sunday morning. But because of the time difference, from my perspective, will never see that particular Sunday the 29th meaning I have lost a whole day just travelling through time. It goes for the other way around too. If I left Sydney on the morning of the 28th, I would arrive at Los Angeles airport on the morning of the 28th, yet I have been from my perspective been on a plane travelling for more than 14hours. So where did all that time go? I would be living the 28th twice. My roommate and I always argue and joke about this topic.
When I’m heading home he would say have fun time travelling and to let him know what happens tomorrow so he can be prepared. Or when I’m heading back to America, he would tell me what was going to happen to me tomorrow. He doesn’t think it’s time travelling, and always makes a joke of it when I try to explain it.

Obviously this is not the conventional way of time travelling that we are all use to, but isn’t it still time travelling? You are gaining and losing time, which is still time travelling. There is no doubles or triples like in the movie the Primer, but from the perspective of the traveler, you are gaining and losing days.

Like in the movie the Primer, time travelling has its affects on the body. In the movie, the main characters started bleeding from the ears and started struggling to write. In the time travelling the goes on in our lives, we also get affected by time travelling, Jet Lag. I always get jet lag and it kills me, especially because I play soccer and coming in with jet lag does not help. With jet lag, you struggle to sleep, can’t eat and you are fatigued all the time. If you don’t eat when your suppose to or sleep when you need to, nothing good can come from that. It takes a couple of days at least to get back to the normal routine.