Suplemental Viewing : Time Bandit’s

Time bandits is an awesome little movie where a young child from the future named Kevin has time travelling dwarves that come through a hole in time and end up in his bedroom.  Kevin is soon driven by curiosity and fear into the dwarves time traveling little world. He travels with them and meets many people such as Napoleon, Robin Hood, a king, and even end up on the Titanic. The dwarves call themselves bandits and try to steal from everyone they meet, but it does not all ways work out for them. They successfully steal from Napoleon, but then they lose it with Robin Hood. They also are trying to avoid The Supreme Being who created their time traveling map. While we could talk about the ethics of stealing and time travelling, the movie does not really address the very well. It briefly touches on the fact that the dwarves can do so much more with their traveling map than just stealing. I’d rather talk about how this movie relates to some of our books.

It relates to Kindred in a slight way. While Kevin does travel through time willing most of the time, he does have instances like with the King that he does not wish to travel. However the dwarves force him to go without really any choice on his part. Kevin is swept along with the dwarves from the beginning when they first enter his room. Just like how Kevin from Kindred was dragged along into the past with Dana. Also just like Time Bandits, Kevin is left in the past. Both Kevin’s were abandoned by their time travelling sources. He did not know that by following the dwarves he would be time traveling with no real way to get back.

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Relating to Slavery

We discussed in class how we have always known about slavery and how bad it was but we have never witnessed it first hand so we can’t really relate to it. This topic really interests me. We have always heard about slavery and what happened and we feel its bad but we have never experienced it therefore we do not fully understand how horrifying it must have been. Kindred is really interesting to me because in the novel it’s as if someone from our time, that has grown up through racism but not slavery itself, has been sent to the time of slavery and is really experiencing it. It almost makes me feel as if I can share Dana’s outsider perspective. It makes me think how I would react if that were me and if I would act similar to her. Dana experiences horrifying events such as seeing a man getting whipped that begins to change her whole perspective of slavery.

I also noticed that power plays a huge role in this novel; which you could expect from this time period. Kevin married dana over the objections of his racists family, however Kevin still does things to have power over Dana even though it is a new time and age. Kevin makes Dana type up his stories and makes her do other things for him. Kevin sees Dana as a secretarial figure, rather than some one equal to him.  It seems to me that it is just natural instinct of his gender and race. Kevin does not experience slavery as Dana does and believes that it is not all that bad. Kevin is a white man, he is not exposed to the kind of horrors that Dana, a black woman, must confront. But instead Kevin is well fed and rested and treated like any other white man from that time.  So therefore ignores what really happens from not knowing. This is similar to how people act today in this time period. Yes we know what happened and believe it was bad but we have never experienced it first hand therefore we seem to just brush it off and keep on with our life.